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Parent Council

In the New Year, we are hoping to set up our Parent Council meetings once again. To put this in context, a parent council works in partnership with the school and the Governing Body to support the strategic direction of the school. It has an advisory and consultative role where ideas can be suggested by parents and ideas can be put to parents by the Governing Body to consult on.

To move this idea forward we need a committed group of parents who are willing to meet regularly to discuss ideas that have arisen, to coordinate the school’s work with parents and to liaise with the school leadership team and governing body. The ideas themselves will come from you as parents or from the leadership team and the council will set up the correct channels of communication to enable you to put forward ideas and suggestions.   Please note this is not about individual pupils, classes or members of staff, this is for issues of a general nature.

Research has shown that children do better when their parents are involved in their education and indicates that parental involvement is a key lever for school improvement.

There are 2 main strands to parental involvement:

• Parental involvement in their child’s learning

• Parental involvement in the life of the school

Most research evidence is about parental involvement in children’s learning. Not much research has been carried out into parental involvement in school life and school decision-making.


If you are interested in making a difference to school life and believe you have the drive to support the school and its future, please click on the reply slip on our website . The minimum time commitment would be 2 hours every term up to July in the first instance. The meetings would be held on Tuesday mornings between 9-11am. There should only be one expression of interest per household as there is the flexibility for either parent to attend the meetings.

  • The group will have a formal constitution and members of the council will have specific roles and responsibilities.
  • There will be a maximum of 15 members on the council, a decision on who will serve on the council for this year will be based on achieving a balance of representation in school across year groups and classes.

The parent council will be reaching out to all parents to ask for support. You may have specific skills or interests that could be used in school to support the children’s education. If you don’t want to be part of the parent council but would be willing to share these skills we would love to hear from you too

We will write to everyone who expresses an interest to let you know if you should attend the first meeting which will be on Tuesday 28th January at 9am

We look forward to working with you in the near future.

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