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After school clubs

Clubs usually run after school from 3.25 - 4.30pm for a five week period.

There is a charge of approximately £12.50 per child per club.  We keep these costs as low as possible in order to ensure that extra-curricular activities remain accessible to all.  However, should payment prove an obstacle to attendance, or if you are in receipt of Pupil Premium, please contact Mrs Beaumont or Mrs Kaye.

The types of clubs we offer are athletics, ballet/tap dancing, musical theatre, cooking, football, rugby, hockey, invasion games and outdoor learning.

The clubs which are running in November/December are:

Mondays:       Ballet/Tap Dancing with Mrs Squance and Miss Sykes, Year 2.

Tuesdays:       Football  with our sports coach, Year 1.

Tuesdays:       Eco School with Mrs Seaborne and Mr Tomlinson, Year 1

Thursdays:     Football with our sports coach, Year 2.

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