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KS1 Results

Please note that due to COVID-19, no SATs tests took place in 2020.

KS1 Tests and teacher assessment

In May this year, all Year 2 children will be taking the national curriculum tests, also known as SATs. All Year 2 children are required to take tests in Reading and Maths, a total of 4 tests.

There is also an optional Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation (SPaG) test (2 tests). This is an optional test which the children will not be taking this year.

There is no test-based assessment of writing as part of the KS1 tests; this will be done through teacher assessment only. The tests have to be administered in May by all schools nationally. Your child’s teacher will use what they have seen in the classroom, as well as the results of these tests, to help judge how well your child is progressing overall in maths, reading, writing and science.

At the end of KS1, teachers must make their judgements for each eligible pupil, taking into account the pupil’s progress and performance throughout the key stage (Year 1 & 2). They must base their Teacher Assessment judgement on a broad range of evidence from across the curriculum for each pupil and use their knowledge of a pupil’s work over time, taking into account:

  •  written, practical and oral classwork
  •  results of the statutory KS1 tests
  •  homework Teacher assessment (TA) is the main focus for end of KS1 assessment and reporting.

It is carried out as part of teaching and learning. Schools are not required to report test results to the LA or to parents.

For KS1 English Reading, English Writing and Mathematics, Teacher Assessment is the primary outcome.

Pupils will be assessed against 4 standards: 

  •  working at the pre-key stage standard
  •  working towards the expected standard
  •  working at the expected standard 
  • working at greater depth within the expected standard.

For Science the children are assessed as working at the expected standard or not. All Teacher Assessment results will be sent out to parents on Friday 19 th June and there will be an opportunity to discuss these at Parents’ Evening the week after. In the meantime if you need any further information please speak to your child’s class teacher.

Click here on the document link below to see information from the Government Standards and testing Agency about the SATs tests taken in the summer term of year 2.

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